I'm a writer, podcaster person, and dog enthusiast. I was a notable writer at the 2018 New York Television Festival. I've written for Vice, The Atlantic, The Hairpin, Reductress, and a trillion other sites. I like to write about pets and mysteries. I also co-host the podcast Can I Pet Your Dog?.

In my spare time, I eat a lot of popcorn and pet a lot of dogs, and some cats.





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A catchy tune about your Universal CityWalk. 


Can I Pet Your Dog? is a weekly podcast for unapologetic dog lovers. My cohost Renee Colvert and I discuss dog news, dogs we've met, hero dogs, and much more. We've had guests like Lin Manuel-Miranda, Julie Klausner, and Andrew WK. We've been featured in Splitsider, Bust, and BarkPost, and on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. We're happy to be part of the Maximum Fun network. 



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I offer consultation services in three main areas:

  • Podcasting: how to get started, what equipment to use, how to format a show, promotion and marketing, and anything else you want to know.
  • Social Media: for yourself, for your company, for your pet. I worked as a Social Media Manager for several years and am happy to help. (Especially if it's for your pet.)
  • Copywriting: need someone to write or edit copy for your website? I'm extremely neurotic and love to do things like proofreading, cleaning up grammar, or just helping you start from scratch.

Contact me for rates and more info. I'd love to work with you!